Do You Give Free Estimates?

  • We do offer free estimates on single item work requests, such as fences, decks, paint, roofs, flooring installs, etc…

  • Any project or remodel that requires more than 3 trades and permits will require a drafting and estimating charge. The cost for those varies based on size and scope requested.

Can I provide my own materials?

  • Depending on which level design project you select, there will be instances where the client can specify exact materials and vendors they require. However, in this scenario, DeeCo Construction must be the actual purchasing agent directly with the vendor. THis will solidify the warranty as well as provide DeeCo direct access to the vendor to ensure all details for install are known and all materials provided during the rough in phase to prevent change orders being required to modify a standard install for a very custom fixture.

How long will the project take?

  • Typically project timelines are developed at the start of the project. DeeCo Construction provides design appointments to help in obtaining selections prior to commenting with the build out phase of every project.

  • If all selections are known at the commencement of the project, the timelines below are attainable:

    • Bathroom Remodel: approximately 8 weeks

    • Kitchen Remodel: approximately 12 weeks

    • Whole home remodel 1000-1500 sq ft.: approximately 4 months

    • Whole home remodel with addition: approximately 6 months

    • New construction: approximately 5 months


What are things that delay progress and completion?

  • Multiple client driven design change and scope change order requests after the job has commenced

  • Inspectors and code compliance

  • Existing concealed conditions such as rot or hazardous material issues like asbestos or lead

  • Homeowner scheduling or design selections

  • Damaged Items

What are my allowances for fixtures and finish materials?

  • DeeCo will provide this upon estimate presentation

What justifies or constitutes a change order?

  • Change order details are listed in out contract.

Do you provide drawings, architecture and engineering?

  • DeeCo will provide this for all projects requiring permits

Do you pull permits?

  • DeeCo provides permits on every project requiring permits, without exception.

What are your insurance coverage amounts and can you provide additional insured COI ?

  • DeeCo carries $2 Million in Liability, Workers Comp and Builder’s Risk (when requested)